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Housing Packages (Be aware)

November 9, 2017

 You've found the house of your dreams in the current housing market and you just want to finally get moved in with nothing else to worry about. Many builders know how you feel and will offer you that option in the form of housing packages by providing window coverings, appliances, etc. and incorporating those costs into your mortgage payment. 


Convenient? Yes.   Economical? Absolutely not.


Window coverings provided by builders are generally priced much higher than those of your professional area retailers and always offer far less selection. This means that you will not only be paying more for less options and interior design experience, but also paying interest for it through your mortgage! 


Window coverings play an important role in the privacy and design of your home so take your time and get a Commitment Free design plan. If you reach out to us at Blinds Etc. we will install temporary shades free of charge while your shades, blinds or shutters are on order. The last thing you want to do is visit Cheryll down the street, see her beautiful real wood shutters and realize you can't stand to look at your own blinds.




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